Kitchen Renovation

If your kitchen is still in good condition but needs a makeover, we can help you. How?
We will replace only the visible parts while maintaining the cabinet structure.
We can replace: doors, drawers, hinges, worktops, appliances, lights.
In this way you will save a lot of time and money, by investing in the Kitchen Renovation service you will be able to increase the quality of your current kitchen without changing it completely, Are you curious and want to understand how it works? Fill in the form you will find at the end of the page.

Milan Exclusive Experience

The dedicated and exclusive Private Concierge service is designed for those who want to enjoy a “Unique Exclusive Experience in Milan.” It’s only right to take time for yourself, pamper yourself, and enjoy all the wonders Milan has to offer, such as Hotels, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Fashion Stores, Museums, and Theaters. Here is what the “Private Concierge” can do for you: Hotel Reservations, Restaurant Reservations, Hairdresser Reservations, Wellness Center Reservations, Personal Shopper Reservations, Taxi Reservations, Security Service Reservations. If you require any other service not listed, we can assist you. The Private Concierge embodies the Philosophy of Exclusivity in Milan, what we call the “Milan Exclusive Experience.



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