We are a company specializing in Luxury Interior Furniture in Milan, we dedicate a lot of space to the Kitchen and Living sector, we collaborate with the best Italian brands we can create each project in a “tailored” way, tailored to the customer’s desire.

We specialize in Luxury Furniture in Milan, 100% made in Italy.

We can provide you with a tailor-made project with the best materials on the market, our approach is very simple and effective.



First contact with the customer to understand your needs and desires.

In this initial phase we examine all the aspects and requests of the customer, a dedicated furniture consultant will offer you his experience managing to already provide an initial idea, a good project also starts from a defined initial budget.


Milan furniture experience

If the customer considers the quote, the 2nd Step is a cognitive meeting at our office, on this occasion there will be a "Private Furniture Experience in Milan", there will be all the attention of Our Staff and it will be possible to better understand the needs and desires of the Customer, guided by a Professional, you will be able to view and touch materials , products, accessories and see the project for your kitchen, we can reach the conclusion of the contract and order the goods, at this stage you can use the "Private Concierge" service, relax and enjoy the city of Milan in all your magic.


We are ready

The final phase of the journey involves the logistical organization of the transport and assembly of the furnishings, a very delicate phase treated in detail by our professionals, at this stage it is possible to use the "Private Concierge" service, relax and enjoy the City of Milan in all its magic.

Kitchen Renovation

If your kitchen is still in good condition but needs a makeover, we can help you. How?
We will replace only the visible parts while maintaining the cabinet structure.
We can replace: doors, drawers, hinges, worktops, appliances, lights.
In this way you will save a lot of time and money, by investing in the Kitchen Renovation service you will be able to increase the quality of your current kitchen without changing it completely, Are you curious and want to understand how it works? Fill in the form you will find at the end of the page.

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Interior Design

The Interior Design service offers you the opportunity to have a personalized advice on your furniture, you can talk to a professional who will guide you in the realization of your project, finally you can have the drawings and projects of your new furniture both in paper and digital format, contact us for detailed information.

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We have the appliances of the best international brands, Gagenau, Miele, Neff, Barazza, discover all the brands available.

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Kitchen Tops

We create kitchen tops with the most innovative materials, Fenix, Hpl, Laminate, Gres, Laminam, marble, quartz, discover all the materials available.

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The kitchen is the main piece of furniture in the house, as well as being the most important expense as furniture, certainly needs a lot of attention, a lot of time must be devoted to design and development.
Discover some Kitchens made and some proposed materials.

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The Private Concierge is a dedicated and exclusive service
Designed for those who want to enjoy a unique “Furniture Experience in Milan”, in addition to the
time dedicated to the choice of furniture, it is right to dedicate time and attention to yourself,

pamper yourself and enjoy all the wonders that Milan can offer, such as Hotels, Restaurants, Wine
Bars, Fashion Shops, Museums, Theaters.

We indicate what the “Private Concierge” can do for you:
• Hotel booking
• Reservation of the restaurant
• Booking of the hairdresser
• Reservation of the Wellness Center
• Reservation of the Personal Shopper
• Taxi reservation
• Booking of the Security Service


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