Come and discover Milan’s most exclusive boutique destinations, where style, creativity, and elegance come together to offer an unparalleled shopping experience. From luxury fashion brands to artisanal tailors, each store offers a curated selection of the season’s trendiest pieces and must-haves. Whether you’re searching for dazzling eveningwear, designer accessories, or unique pieces to express your personality, you’ll find a variety of options to satisfy every fashion desire. Welcome to the vibrant heart of luxury shopping in Milan, where every boutique is a must-visit for fashion and style enthusiasts.


A crossroads of inspirations, a point of reference since 1999. Antonia is a store where avant-garde trends marry the most renowned international brands, embodying an ideal of iconic and exclusive fashion. The selection curated by Antonia Giacinti is a perfect blend of New York-inspired inspirations and trends from afar, with a touch of reassuring Milanese essence: it's a boutique for those who demand only the best for their wardrobe, where personal style is encouraged and enhanced by the unmistakable taste that permeates these walls.


The love for fashion, the desire to breathe life into places by infusing soul into forgotten spaces, creating emotions and transmitting them by letting instinct ride. Always. This is the DNA of Claudio Antonioli, sensations that each of us can experience upon entering his historic boutique at Via P. Paoli 1, a space born within a complex where a silent cinema stood in the 1920s. Refinement, innovation, uniqueness of the product are the cornerstones of Claudio Antonioli's choices: the proposal that coexists within the Concept embraces various cultures and souls of the global fashion landscape.

10 Corso Como

A Concept store with diverse souls, a cosmopolitan space where art envelops every corner, fabric, and accessory. If it's cult, you'll find it at 10 Corso Como: guiding the selection is the constant search for innovation, with an eye always on the runways around the world. It's a boutique capable of offering an immersive shopping experience, where an ideal of bold fashion reigns, yet never excessive. Behind the door of this verdant corner of Corso Como lies a microcosm to get lost in, only to find oneself again in the mirrors of the fitting rooms.

CB Made in Italy

A brand founded relatively recently, in 2010, by a then very young entrepreneur, Cecilia Bringheli, who at only 24 years old decided to start a project that perhaps you wouldn't have expected from a 20-something, CB Made in Italy. A company that offers footwear and accessories defined by craftsmanship, a timeless simplicity never taken for granted and always chic, made in Italy and ideal for jetsetters always on the go and loved by international fashion icons. This skillful combination of the sunny and lively spirit of the Mediterranean Italy and the essential and elegant understatement typical of Milan, also opens the doors to unexpected colors, patterns, and a touch of eccentricity.

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